"I Didn't See it coming" by Author Kevin McGlamery

Grief, pain, and heartbreak are pervasive everywhere, in our families and sometimes even the church. It could be a dreaded phone call telling us we unexpectedly lost a loved one without a chance to say goodbye; a doctor’s visit revealing the cancer is back; or a pink slip sitting on our office desk with our name on it. Pastor Kevin McGlamery poses the question, “Haven’t we all been blindsided at points throughout our lives?”

His motive for writing this important book is to help readers navigate those challenges and embrace the idea that only the grace of God can help us get back on our feet when life knocks us down. “I Didn’t See it Coming” weaves New Testament accounts with contemporary stories and thought-provoking discussion questions to guide readers as they journey through the unexpected. Find out for yourself, and get a copy for you and a friend today.

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