Mission Statement:

Women's Ministries is for the Evangelizing, Equipping, and Encouraging of women, both inside and outside our congregation.


  • To minister and disciple women from all walks of life and social status into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To promote Christ above all other agendas.
  • To unite the women of the local congregation in love.
  • To bind up broken spirits.

Ministry areas: 

  • Raising children
  • Preserving  marriage
  • Pursuing a career
  • Maintaining a home
  • Church ministry
  • Growing in a relationship with God

Leadership Team: 

  • Pastor Amy McGlamery
  • Vickey Sullivan
  • Sharon Duckworth
  • Kim Lam
  • Joyce Freeman
  • Lola Taylor
  • Stephanie Gothart
  • Annette Alger
  • Jennifer Buchanan
  • Elena Petrie
  • Brittany Eastham